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8 MUST HAVE tips to communicate with VIDEO so your Customers will LISTEN!

Communication is King! It’s at the top of the chart!! Are you communicating enough? Efficiently? Authentically? Now more than ever we need to communicate often, accurately and clearly! Our customers are smart and getting in front of your customer is top priority. You need to remember that most parents don’t have a lot of time so being efficient in your message and delivering it in a way that is fun, quick and easy is key. Here are 7 ways to MUST HAVE tips to communicate with video. 

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Are you sending your customers the right messages?

What is your mission statement for your studio? When your customers read it do they get a sense of who you are and what you stand for as a dance studio? Every studio has its own style, values and goals. A clear mission statement is so important in separating you from your competition but living your mission statement and having your staff embody it is key to communicating who you are effectively. These values should be part of your advertising and social media messaging as well. 

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5 Steps to A Winning Mindset!

A winning mindset is the difference between being successful and failing. With a  winning mindset difficulties may arise but you will still succeed because failure is not an option. Your mind controls your thoughts and your thoughts control your actions. If your thoughts are negative, apprehensive or uncertain, your reality will be the same. Without a winning mindset you won’t take the action steps necessary to achieve your goals. Here are 5 ways to create a winning mindset and reach your full potential.

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How to Handle Angry Parents with the Oreo Cookie Method

As you know I am BIG on communicating clearly and efficiently. Sometimes even when the best efforts have been made to communicate, there are misunderstandings. We are all human...right? When you have to talk to a parent there are specific ways you can diffuse the situation so it doesn’t escalate. I call it the Oreo Cookie Method (OCM). We all know how delicious an oreo cookie can be - the 2 crispy chocolate wafers with that and oh so sweet creamy middle. Wait! Sorry I got side tracked lol. The Oreo Cookie Method is a method I have been using and teaching my staff how to use to speak to a parent about any issue with their child or to counterbalance a parent who has come to you angry. 

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