Are you sending your customers the right messages?

What is your mission statement for your studio? When your customers read it do they get a sense of who you are and what you stand for as a dance studio? Every studio has its own style, values and goals. A clear mission statement is so important in separating you from your competition but living your mission statement and having your staff embody it is key to communicating who you are effectively. These values should be part of your advertising and social media messaging as well. 

You are what you do, not what you say...If you say you love to teach babies but your advertising and social media posts all reflect only your company kids, there will be a disconnect with your customers. What you are doing is posting only your older kids… it doesn’t match what you are saying. If you love to teach babies be sure that is reflected in your messaging by posting great pictures of little ones learning how to dance and having fun in your studio!

Your studio culture is derived from your messaging. If you say you don’t put up with dance moms but your moms are driving you crazy then more than likely you put up with dance moms. People believe what they can see, not always what they read unless both the actions and the written message come together to make one clear message.  This is also helpful with your team of teachers. If the messaging is contradictory, your teachers won’t be clear on what you stand for. Be sure your messaging is derived from your actions. Clear messages help create the studio of your dreams. 


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