5 Steps to A Winning Mindset!

A winning mindset is the difference between being successful and failing. With a  winning mindset difficulties may arise but you will still succeed because failure is not an option. Your mind controls your thoughts and your thoughts control your actions. If your thoughts are negative, apprehensive or uncertain, your reality will be the same. Without a winning mindset you won’t take the action steps necessary to achieve your goals. Here are 5 ways to create a winning mindset and reach your full potential.

  1. Believe in your dreams and yourself - Some people don’t dream of the life they want. They accept the life they are given. You must believe you deserve the life you’ve dreamed of. You must believe to your very core that you are capable of achieving anything. Failure is not an option. Don’t doubt yourself and what you are capable of because doubt can kill your dreams. Doubt kills dreams before they start.
  2. Set your goals -  Start with the end in mind. If you don’t know your ultimate goal, how will you know your path to reach it? You can’t achieve the life you want without setting big goals. If you have never set goals for yourself, then now's the time to start!. I recommend you start with 5 easy attainable, short term goals to build your confidence and 5 lofty, big goals. Brainstorm ways to achieve your goals. Each goal should have a subset of action steps. 

  3. Winning Mantras -Successful people always have a winning mantra. I love, “find a way” or “I can and I will.” Find your own mantra that speaks to your heart and repeat to yourself often to fuel your mind with positivity. Feeding your mind with positive, successful thoughts creates a mindset that you can do anything. If your thoughts are negative, doubt and fear will creep in and you will not take action on your dreams. 

  4. Pursue your dreams as if your life depended on it! Now that you have your dreams, your goals and your mantra, the hard work begins. Don’t underestimate the amount of work it will take to achieve your goals.  Don’t make excuses for yourself for not knowing something or not putting in the time. Accept that you will make mistakes. Pursue your goals like a “dog with a bone.” Never stop until you have achieved the life you dreamed of. 

  5. Uncomfortable means you are on the right path. If the path to success was easy everyone would be successful. The truth is you need to grow and that comes with getting out of your comfort zone. The more you do things that make you uncomfortable, the more resiliency you develop. Soon you are no longer uncomfortable putting yourself in these types of situations. A winning mindset takes on the challenge knowing they will come out stronger for it.  

Developing a winning mindset doesn’t happen overnight. Take the steps to secure your dreams by flexing your mindset muscle. Life is a bumpy road and you can choose how you think about the challenges you face along the way. Choose to be a winner!


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