8 MUST HAVE tips to communicate with VIDEO so your Customers will LISTEN!

Communication is King! It’s at the top of the chart!! Are you communicating enough? Efficiently? Authentically? Now more than ever we need to communicate often, accurately and clearly! Our customers are smart and getting in front of your customer is top priority. You need to remember that most parents don’t have a lot of time so being efficient in your message and delivering it in a way that is fun, quick and easy is key.

Here are 7 ways to MUST HAVE tips to communicate with video. 

  1. Lots of options you can use to make your video! People love to pull up a quick video and hear your message instead of having to read a lengthy email. I love using the app Bomb Bomb! This app is easy to use and can track who opened the emails and who watched the video. The best part is it isn’t a link in your email. It is the video of you waving or holding up a sign. They see your face and are compelled to open it. You can also use your laptop, tablet or phone to record. I love using my phone because I am always on the move. Taking a quick video at one of my studio locations is super simple. 

  2. Messaging is everything! Lay out what you want to say on paper. Be sure you are always clear in your message. You should always start with appreciation -something positive to set the tone.  You then move into what the video message is all about and finally thank the parents for watching or for their support. 

  3. DON’T read on camera. Be your authentic self. If you make a mistake that’s ok. Perfection is overrated. Don’t make it more than what it is. It’s a conversation on camera just as if you are talking to your parents in person. 

  4. Speak with energy! No one wants to listen to someone who is monotone. Show your passion about what you do on the video. 

  5. Always be professional. Never complain or disparage anyone. Keep it positive. 

  6. Be humble. Let your confidence come through but always remember to be appreciative to the parents. 

  7. Keep it short! Parents don’t have time to watch a long video so keep it to under 2 minutes. Ideally a minute is perfect. 

  8. Good lighting helps. Natural light is the best. Be sure the light is in front of you and not behind you. If natural light is not available when you are filming just an added light source will help. 

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