7 Musts to Crush Your Social Media Game


 Let’s face it, SOCIAL MEDIA  is taking over our lives. With popular growing apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, you have the capability to reach thousands of people in the palm of your hand! And what better way to show off your dance studio than by showcasing your most talented students and awesome classes that make people want to join ASAP!


 Here are 7 MUSTS to CRUSH your social media game:


  • Know What Your Values Are

 Your content should be all about who you are as a business. Establishing the values of your brand is important so viewers know you are the real deal, and they learn the most about you based on what you post. Make sure your brand is visible in all of your posts, and show it off with pride!


  • Keep Up With Latest Trends

 Tik Tok is an app that’s well-known for its ever-changing interesting, dynamic, and sometimes quirky trends. Partaking in these trends can boost your exposure ten folds if the content you are posting coincides and is relevant with the trend. Tik Tok’s more popular trends are dance-related which is perfect for dance studios, there are other trends and challenges you can do with your studio.


  • Use Relevant Hashtags

 Use hashtags that are relevant to the content you are posting. They will help you become discoverable and reach people who are also searching these hashtags. Each app allows only a certain number of hashtags, so use as many as you possibly can! Try out some of these hashtags next time you post:


# ( your location) dancestudio






  • Hold Contests and Giveaways

 Social media is a great way to host contests and giveaways for your dance studio. Not only does it allow outsiders to engage in dance-related activities, but it also raises brand awareness and can potentially bring in new customers for you.


  • Post Every Day (Relevancy)

 Having a social media presence means that you need to be present every day. When it comes to posting, you want to put the quality of your content over the quantity (how many times you are posting). For your feed, regardless of what social media platform you are using, you should aim to only post once a day (twice at most). Your story features, however, can have multiple posts in a day. The more people see your posts, the more they will want to engage with you on social media and will look forward to when you post again. 


  • Use Authentic & Personal Posts

 Social media likes to paint a pretty picture, but not everything is always picture perfect. Be authentic in your posts, even if it’s a little nitty gritty. This could be behind-the-scenes content, footage of students taking class and working on technique. Show your students smiling and having fun! 


  • Post across all channels

 Repost your Tik Toks to your IGTV (Instagram TV). Post your Instagram lives on Facebook. Post across all social media channels and utilize each app’s features to its full extent. It’s all about getting your name and brand out there!


The most important takeaway is to utilize social media. If this is new to you, pick two platforms to start with and learn how to schedule your posts for maximizing your time management. Aim for 5 posts a week then,  build up to one post a day. Posting blogs in addition to your regular posts will help with engagement. Once you have become good at posts then start boosting some of your posts. This will help you reach more fans. Start small and before you know it you will have mastered the  Social Media game. 


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