Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Student Enrollment


You want full classes and why not, you have amazing classes. How do you reach new customers? How do you get them to sign up at your school? There are so many ways to increase your enrollment. In this article, you will find the top 5 ways to engage with your customers. Finding your ideal customer is done through different channels and programs.  Letting your customer know who you are and what your core values are, is an important part of connecting with your perfect customer. 


1. Social Media

Social media allows for immediate interaction between your studio and your customer. You can increase revenue by building customer networks and advertising, attract new customers and build brand loyalty. Using social media to show who and what your company is about builds trust. 


2. Emails and Video Announcements

We get it, emails can be kind of a drag, especially if they’re packed with a lot of  information. It would just be so much easier  for your customer, if they opened up an email, pressed play, and you, the studio owner, started talking to them. But wait… you can actually do that! There are several programs where you can create short videos of yourself and can make important announcements involving the studio. Engaging with your customer this way is more personal. Customers will always listen to a short video over reading long emails. 


3. Trial Classes

Trial classes are a great way for a potential customer to get to know you and your studio. A trial class is set up for a prospective student who wants to try out a class or two. They are usually free but can be packaged for unlimited classes for a week for a small fee. IIt gives the teacher the opportunity to show off their amazing teaching skills and the child will come out of class with something new that they learned and a smile on their face. At the end of the class, the teacher and staff member will hype it up and let the parent know how much fun the child had, making them want to come back for more classes.


4. Bring A Friend

Why not have your current student come in with a friend, a cousin or sibling and let them try one of your amazing classes. This is a great way for your dancer to share their love of dance or gymnastics with their friend.  A referral program is great because your parents do the advertising for you. You can give discounts, give a set dollar amount or merchandise as an incentive for parents to spread the word. The more friends who register, the more incentives the student will receive!

5. Workshops

Creating dance workshops surrounded by a specific theme or event can also target and drive clientele to your studio. For instance, If your studio is closed on Halloween, you can hold a fun Halloween-themed workshop where the children can come dressed in their costume and learn a fun Halloween themed routine, like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. Or maybe if you have a group of children who are interested in learning about Broadway; hold a workshop where they can learn about what it’s like to be a Broadway star!

Enrolling new students and retaining old ones doesn’t have to be a challenge. Engaging through different social media channels and inviting a new student to come and try out your classes is a great way to build a rapport with new customers. 


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